Why have my tomatoes developed a brown area at the base of the fruit?
Posted by Suttons Staff on 11 April 2014 02:29 PM

Blossom End Rot is a disorder that causes the development of a blackened leathery dark brown or black patch at the flower end of the fruit.   This problem is associated with calcium deficiency and is often induced during periods of water shortage.  It is important that the compost or soil does not become dry, even for short periods, and to apply water in sufficient quantities to allow it to soak right down to the full depth to which the roots extend. 

Spraying at fortnightly intervals with calcium nitrate at 3 gms per litre of water (0.5oz per gallon) will help to cure this problem or you could use a proprietary tomato food that has calcium included or the Top Resist Vegetable foliar feed. 

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