How big are the bedding plants?
Posted by Suttons Staff on 15 July 2013 01:39 pm
Our bedding plants are available in a range of sizes as follows:

Extra Value Plugs (Miniplants) - The most cost effective plants you can buy!
Securely rooted in mini-plugs of compost, they are delivered in plenty of time to transplant and grow on indoors, or in a conservatory or greenhouse, before planting out ready to flower. 
These plants are approx. 5cm high (dependent on variety) and are supplied in packs of 50 cells to give 45 plants.

Value Plugs (Easiplants) - Great value young plants, all ready to grow on!
Larger than extra value and very easy to grow on. Well rooted in plugs of compost ready to transplant into trays or pots for a short while before planting outdoors. These plants are approx. 7cm high and are supplied in 3 pack sizes, depending on the variety: 21 cells to give 20 plants, 42 cells to give 40 plants and 63 cells to give 60 plants. Some plants are supplied in cell trays containing 16 or 18 plants.

Garden Ready Plants (Large plugs) - Superb value plants ready to go straight into the garden!
Large, strong bedding plants, well established and ready to bloom. Plant directly into the garden or patio containers. These plants are approx. 9cm high and are supplied in packs of 15 or 30, depending on variety.

Super Plugs (pot ready plants) - Ready for planting direct!
Good sized plants all ready for planting direct into baskets or containers, or potting in small pots for planting out into the garden later on. Grow on under cover prior to moving outdoors. These plants are approx. 12cm high and are supplied  individually rooted in separate large plugs or modules of compost. The pack size varies depending on the variety.

Potted Plants - Ultimate convenience!
Well established plants in various pot sizes as detailed against each item. Can be planted straight into their final position.
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