How do you grow Eucalyptus Lemon Bush?
Posted by Suttons Staff on 16 July 2013 12:48 pm
This half hardy perennial will grow to a height of approximately 150cm (60″) in a large pot or about 12m (40ft) if planted outdoors in avery sheltered garden where the soil is very well drained. 

The Eucalyptus Lemon Bush seeds are sown from February to April at a temperature of 18-20ºC (65-68ºF) either on a windowsill or in a propagator. Sow the seed on the surface and do not cover with compost as light is needed for germination to take place. Germination is erratic and can take from 15-90 days. Transplant the seedlings into small pots and grow on, re-potting as necessary. Acclimatise the plants to outdoor conditions before planting them once the danger of frost has passed. When planting in the garden space the plants 3m (10ft) apart against a warm south facing wall sheltered from cold, drying winds. In colder areas grow the plants in containers that can over wintered in a frost free greenhouse or conservatory.
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