How do I plant rhubarb crowns?
Posted by Suttons Staff on 08 December 2014 01:51 pm

Rhubarb crowns should be planted as soon as possible after receiving them.   They prefer to be in a sunny or partially shady position in a deep rich soil  preferably in a position which has been dressed with well rotted manure from a previous crop. 

Before planting soak the crowns for 1-2 hours, then plant so as to leave the top bud just level with the soil surface. Firm in well and water in thoroughly.  The crowns should be spaced about 4ft apart. 

To allow the crowns a chance to develop and strengthen, it is important not to pick any stalks in the first season. These should be allowed to die back naturally.  In subsequent years picking should be moderate and careful, taking the stronger stalks first. Any flower stems that develop should be removed.  As soon as the foliage dies down in the autumn the ground should be cultivated and a mulch of manure put between but not over the plants.

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