What varieties of vegetables can I grow in pots?
Posted by Suttons Staff on 24 June 2013 11:16 am
Garden space is very often limited so growing vegetables in pots is becoming more and more popular.  

Plants suitable include aubergine, runner beans, french beans, beetroot, carrot, courgette, marrow, leek, lettuce, parsnip, pepper, leaf beet, leaf salad, salad onions, strawberries, tomatoes and turnips. 

The choice of container depends on the size of the plant but it should be at least 23-25cm (9-10") in diameter.  If you are growing vegetables like leeks or potatoes, or any other root crops, you will need a deeper container.  Salads and herbs will be fine in a shallower pot.  

The pots can be ornamental or simple but it is worth noting that terracotta is likely to dry out quicker than plastic and will require more frequent watering.  

Multipurpose peat based or peat free composts are suitable but for taller crops a John Innes compost can be better as being soil based, it is denser and heavier adding stability to the container.
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