How do I care for my rosemary plant?
Posted by Suttons Customer Services on 11 October 2013 03:04 pm

Rosemary is a perennial herb requiring a sunny position, sheltered from strong, cold winds. The soil should be very well drained soil and must not lay too wet in winter. The plant can grow to a height of 120-150cm (4-5ft) but can be kept shorter by trimming. On alkaline soils the plant will make a smaller more fragrant plant.

Rosemary can be grown in the border or in pots on sunny patio. In colder parts of the country grow the plant in pots moving them into the greenhouse for the winter, bringing it outdoors again in late spring. Little pruning is required other than trimming to shape

Small amounts of leaves can be picked throughout the year and used immediately. The main leaf crop for preserving is picked before flowering. Dry branches and sprigs, stripping off the leaves before storing in air tight jars. To obtain the best aroma and flavour from the dried leaves Crush them just before use. Rosemary has a strong flavour and should be used sparingly in meat dishes, especially lamb and pork.               

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