How can I control halo blight on my beans?
Posted by Suttons Customer Services on 12 December 2013 01:41 pm

Halo Blight is a bacterial disease attacking French and Runner beans. It is more likely to be a problem in wet seasons.

Small water soaked areas appear on the foliage, which gradually dry and become surrounded by a yellow area or halo.  As the disease progresses the leaves have inter-veinal yellowing and may eventually become completely yellow.  The stem may also be attacked, seedlings may wither and die, and those that survive remain stunted.  The pods may also become infected and develop grey, water soaked patches.

The bacteria are spread by water splashing on the foliage. Therefore, overhead watering should be avoided and if not badly infected, remove affected leaves as soon as the symptoms appear.  In severe attacks destroy the affected plants. At the end of the season remove and destroy the affected plants and do not save the seed.  There are currently no chemicals available to control this disease.

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