How do you grow the Flowering Carrot
Posted by Suttons Staff on 19 September 2014 01:33 PM

This unusual Flowering Carrot can be grown as an annual or hardy biennial. The flowers are good for attracting pollinating insects and make excellent cut flowers. The plants can be grown in the border or in containers on a sunny patio and will grow to a height of 60-80cm (24-36").

Sow the seed in March and April for flowers July to September. Choosing a sunny position sow the seed in a warm, finely raked, well-drained, neutral to alkaline soil where they are to flower, at a depth of 6mm (¼"). Sowings can also be made in August and September for flowers from June to August. Germination normally takes 14-21 days.

Once the seedlings are large enough to handle thin them to 20cm (8") apart. Pinching out the growing tips will encourage a bushy habit. Keep the plants well watered in dry spells. Remove faded flower heads to encourage further flowers.

For cut flower arrangements, cut the flowers when three quarters of the individual florets are open.

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