How do you grow Chenopodium Strawberry Sticks
Posted by Suttons Staff on 22 September 2014 10:46 AM

The leaves and fruit of the Chenopodium Strawberry Sticks are edible.

Sow the seeds of this annual from February to the end of April in trays or pots at a temperature of 15-20°C (60-68°F). Lightly cover the seed with compost or vermiculite. Germination will normally take from 14-21 days. Ensure the compost is kept moist and does not dry out. Once the seedlings are large enough to handle transfer them into small pots.

Once the danger of frost has passed at the end of May or early June, plant them in their flowering positions into any well-drained soil that is in full sun. Space the plants 15cm (6") apart in the border or grow them in containers on a sunny patio. The plants will grow to a height of 40cm (16"). Keep the plants well watered in dry spells and feed with a balanced liquid fertilizer.

The young arrow shaped leaves of can be eaten raw in salads or cooked like spinach. Harvest the small bright red fruit up to the end of September, they can be eaten fresh or used as a red food colouring.

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