Posted by Suttons Staff on 22 May 2015 11:40 am

On receipt of your plants, water well and leave to stand for a couple of hours.

Pot on the plugs on into 7-9cm (3-4”) pots to fill out and develop strong root systems.

Once the roots reach the edge of the pots, fertilise with a general purpose plant feed.

Place the liner in your crate, making sure it fits tightly into the corners. Fill the crate with a free draining general purpose compost and firm slightly, top up with more compost to fill to the top of your crate.

Arrange your potted plant in position around the crate to decide how they will create the best look for you. The Bacopa will trail from the edge of the crate so is best suited to being planted at the outside and the Ageratum and Geranium will form upright plants that are better suited to the inside.

Once you have decided on your planting plan, remove your plants form their pots and plant so that the compost from the top of the pot is level with the compost in the crate. Once all the plants have been planted into the crate water thoroughly with plain water. Begin feeding with general purpose fertiliser weekly from 1-2 weeks after planting to encourage larger plants with more flowers. 

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